Welcome to MSQ, the next evolution in the procurement of health services.

Welcome to MSQ, the next evolution in the procurement of health care services. As the internet continues to improve the working environments for many industries, the health care field and the payer procurement process have been left behind. It is with this thought that MSQ was created.

Many providers have created very useful websites for communicating their services, but none have made the ability to obtain a quote for service any easier. Most times a payer still has to manually contact a provider to obtain a quote, if not several providers, consuming valuable time and resources. Never has there existed one portal for a payer to work from to obtain quotes as well as manage provider reporting, until now.

Through our patent-pending process, MSQ is able to match the provider needs with a nationwide network of providers in a seamless process. Through our unique database, a payer can seek quotes for: DME, Home Health Services, Diagnostic Tests, Independent Medical Evaluations, Transportation, and Translation services.

MSQ has brought to the payer and provider one single point of entry in order to:

  • Request and respond FREE OF CHARGE to payer quote request through a competitive quoting process
  • Analyze payer and provider reporting in one centralized database
  • Standardize the Quality Assurance process for all providers

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