When you choose to seek your quotes for medical services through MSQ, you have strengthened your provider management process and increased your ability to:

  • Increase operational efficiency through automatic generation of provider quotes
  • Rely on the internet to streamline your work with providers nationwide
  • Implement a uniform quality assurance program for all providers for all services
  • Centralized reporting database for all providers simplifies savings reports

MSQ has been created to allow the claims professional to meet the medical needs of their claimants while ensuring the best pricing and service in the industry. The patent-pending process used by MSQ limits the time required to seek multiple quotes and work across multiple web portals of different providers.

Payers now have the ability to customize the quote request process and allow providers to meet their specific needs all in one database. Gone are the days of remembering multiple user names and passwords when it comes to monitoring providers and generating cost savings analysis reports. The unique MSQ provider rating system allows for all providers to be evaluated and scored based on their performance. This rating system encourages payer feedback so that all providers are evaluated the same and can be compared equally when seeking quotes.