The provider community has been a well recognized extension of the payer for many years, providing for a variety of ancillary services. The aggregators of service have been effective at meeting the needs of patients and claimants alike. As the payer base has grown, so has the service offering and sales reach of many of the providers.

Historically, providers have relied on payers to contact them on an individual basis when they need a quote for a specific service. In many instances providers have used a manual process to supply these quotes with little to no feedback on the end result of the quote supplies. MSQ has been created to use intuitive technology to assist the provider in the quote for service process.

In working with MSQ, providers now have the capability to:

  • Extend the reach of their current sales teams
  • Automate the request for quote process through the Auto Quote feature with MSQ
  • Reach new markets and payers
  • Review payer feedback through standard Quality Assurance process
  • Gain deeper market understanding through report analysis of all quotes supplied

Providers are empowered to manage all of their pricing on-line in a secured web environment. Pricing plans can be managed on a per client basis and the provider sets controls on what business they wish to quote on. MSQ provides the platform from which the provider can extend their reach and access into the payer community, while still allowing the provider to maintain the direct relationship with their customers and payers. For information on how to become an approved provider with MSQ, please email with your questions.