In the world of medical cost containment having access to reporting information and analytics is crucial to both the payer and provider entities. Being able to gauge performance helps companies chart a strategic course for the future in order to meet the needs of their respective clients. For this reason MSQ has designed an analytics engine designed to meet the reporting needs for payers and providers alike.

Now providers have a centralized location from which to request and review reports to manage their provider relationships and performance. MSQ ensures that all providers are given the equal opportunity to quote on payer business as well as be evaluated on the same metrics in order to establish a solid provider rating system. Being able to evaluate not only provider quotes, but also their service performance presents a powerful tool for managing the payer and provider relationship for the future.

Provider Reporting Analytics:

Analyze quote results data to include:
  • Quote results by payer
  • Compare quote results to winning quote averages
  • Review payer feedback scores to manage customer service
  • Analyze quote results across all lines of service